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Rockport: Products & Services

Rockport sells shoes and accessories for both men and women.  These items include a seasonal special.  Last summer's special was boat shoes, this fall's special is causal dress shoes for all occasions. Rockport shoes come in all styles.  For women this includes boots, athletic shoes, ballet shoes, sandals, Mary Jane models, and other great fashion high heels.  For men this include light dress shoes, boots of all types, hiking and athletic shoes, and comfortable shoes to wear around the home.  The company also offers wallets, belts, socks, handbags and  other accessories that blend with their shoes.  The company does not sell shoes in children's sizes.

Rockport: Company Background

Rockport is a shoe company started in 1971 by Bernard Katz.  It is headquartered in Camden, Massachusetts.  The company was bought in 1985 by Reebocks.  In turn, Reebocks was bought by Adidas in 2005.  Today the company sells shoes in 66 countries through its stores and internet outlet.  All models of Rockport feature the adiPRENE shock absorbing system pioneered by Adidas.  The company still makes its shoes out of the highest grade leather and other materials available.  Rockport started out as a men's shoe concern selling moccasins and other "hippie" type shoes.  The business grew into a world wide concern selling top flight shoes throughout the world.

Rockport: Customer Feedback & Reviews

The are many reviews of Rockport's products.  Most center on one pair of shoes.  I am going to list reviews that discuss the company or their website. In general, comments are quite favorable.  The few complaints center around the shoes not quite being comfortable for some people's foot types.  RetailmeNot rates the site as 4 out of 5 with 484 votes. rates the manufacturer as 4.3 out of 5.  Here are some comments:

  • I ordered Rockport because I have had their shoes in the past. I needed something for work and with winter on the way wanted the waterproofing. They were somewhat tight at the toes for about the first day but with just a little wear the leather feels great.
  • Bought these, as I have other Rockports that were very comfortable. I do a lot of walking on concrete floors at work with no problems to date. The "kinetic air circulator" seems to be doing it's job unobtrusively - no sweaty feet problems, and they don't try to inflate my socks. No weird gimicky-feeling, it just works.
  • Shoe is not as comfortable as I would have expected, thin padding especially under the ball of the foot makes this shoe not ideal for spending all day on your feet. Matte black leather used on this shoe scuffs fairly easily, most can be addressed with a rag or your finger but the upkeep is more than I was committed for. Heel cup is a little stiff and deeper than most boot styles like this leading to the upper rubbing against your Achilles in a funny way especially when driving.

Other reviews are quite similar to the ones above.

Rockport: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Rockport is not a member of the Better Business Bureau and does not have a rating from this organization.  Rockport is featured in most popular magazines in ads and shoe articles and on television.  The company has a show on Extra TV.  Rockport's current celebrity spokesperson is Erin Wasson.  Rockport is able to take advantage of the credibility of Adidas and features some its technology in their products.  Adidas is not registered with the BBB either.

Rockport: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Compete shows that the Rockport website has over 100,000 visitors a day.  In the industry, the site is shown ranking No. 5 with Skechers being the No. 1 site listed.  Alexa shows that the site ranks about 22,000 among the websites in the United States.  About 2/3 of the visitors to the site come from the United States followed by visitors from China and Canada.  Over 900 sites are shown linking into this website.  Google's Page Rank Tool lists the site as 5/10, a mid-range ranking.

Rockport: Social Media Presence

The company's Facebook site is their most active social network site.  This site has over 135,000 members and has new postings each and every day.  The site offers its viewers discounts and specials on a regular basis.  The company also has a website at Twiitter with over 1500 followers.  This site is not as active as the Facebook site, but does offer specials and information for its members.  The site has over 900 Tweets.  Rockport's page at Pinterest is just getting started with about 100 followers.  The company also has a channel at You Tube with over 85,000 views that presents various videos about the company and its products.  Overall, Rockport has a very good media presence.

Rockport: Website Security & Safety

Rockport only accepts credit cards for payment and its payment system uses the latest in SSL technology to secure data being sent from one point to another.  The company only keeps customer data needed to process their transactions.  This information may be lent to third parties such as shippers to complete the transaction.  Any customer may opt out of any use of their private information by contacting the company by email, telephone or by mail.  Google's Safe Browsing Tool shows that Rockport is a safe website without problems.  The company operates on four different networks.

Rockport: Pricing & Packages

Prices at Rockford shoes are not cheap.  These shoes are made out of quality materials and the company charges a high level price for their merchandises.  Typical prices run from around $100 to $175 for each pair of shoe.  Accessories are cheaper, but again priced in the high end range.  This is a reasonable price for a high end shoe; many fashion houses charge much more for their shoes.  To save on costs, the website has a clearance section with models that are being discontinued or out of season.  Discounts here can bring the cost down up to 50% making these shoes an even better deal.  Coupon discounts can also help such as those from Knoji and other online coupon discounters.  Since Rockport has its own designs, direct comparisons with other manufacturers are not possible.

Rockport: Shipping Rates & Policies

Shipping to the United States is at a flat rate of $5.  Any order over $125 or more ships for free.  There are extra charges to ship to some United States areas.   International shipping is also available and the cost will show up on the checkout form.  This sort of shipping usually starts at  $19.95.  Rockport ships to a large number of foreign countries.  The international shipment area can reach a current list of available countries.  The checkout area can also let a customer know if an address is reachable by their shipping.  Shipping usually takes 5 to 8 business days.  Faster shipping is available at extra fees.

Rockport: Payment Methods Accepted

Payment methods are simple for Rockport.  They only accept four major credit cards which are Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.  Debit cards which are connected to one of these credit cards can also be used.  No other types of payment such as pesonal checks, money orders or Paypal are accepted by the company.  Any questions can be referred to customer service about using these credit cards.

Rockport: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Rockport provides a 30-day no hassle return policy.  Starting with the day the item is shipped, for 30 days after that a customer may return the item to Rockport without problems.  Call customer service to arrange the necessary return process.  The company does not charge a restocking fee.  In addition, if there is some kind of defect with the shoes, a customer should call customer service about returning the shoes even after 30 days.  Rockport wants to stand behind its products.  Custom made products have only a 10-day return window and are charged a restocking fee.  To return these items, please call customer service.  Custom made items should be examined promptly for any problems due to the short return window.

Rockport: Product images & screenshots
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Get 20% on all outlet styles @ Rockport
Get extra 20% on all outlet styles @ Rockport
Get $10 Off $75, $15 Off $100 or $20 Off $125 Sale & Outlet Styles + Free Shipping @ Rockport
Get Free Shipping on Orders over $125 @ Rockport
Get 15% Off Next Purchase @ Rockport
Get Up to 80% Off Select Items @ Rockport
Save 25% on the Men's Fairwood Mocs Penny Shoe + Ships Free @ Rockport
Save 47% on the Men's Chukka Shoe + Ships Free @ Rockport